Policy and Regulation – A key factor to promote and facilitate CCS development

As stated in section “HOLD”, CO2 Capture and Storage is considered as one of the main technology in order to fight climate change within a portfolio of technologies. However no project developments can be achieved and delivered without a clear and proper legal environment. This part of the website will help you to understand the ins and outs of the policies and regulations graviting around CCS as well as giving you a very quick overview of what have been done so far by the EU.

The International Energy Agency has acknowledged that the 20% cut of CO2 gas emissions by 2020 in the EU will not be achieved unless CCS development are facilitated and pushed forward by each European government policies.

EU Support and Legal framework for CCS

Increasing support from European countries has really been kicked off in the early 20s. The following timeline aims to summarize the major milestones for supporting CCS deployment throughout the territory.

More recently the EU established a legal framework for CO2 storage and EU funding for up to 12 CCS demonstration projects supported by the launch of the European CCS Demonstration Project Network and European Industrial Initiative on CCS. However, urgent action is still required, not only to ensure demonstration projects are operational by 2015 as mandated by EU Heads of State but also rapid future deployment post-2020 which is the critical deadline for the states.

A successful and comprehensive EU CCS demonstration programme will require an optimized and well balanced portfolio across projects, locations and technologies, requiring CCS demonstration projects that cover all the technology options for capture and storage; transport by ship and pipeline; storage on- and offshore; with both the power and industrial sectors represented. This will allow to ensure that the technology is fully validated and operational, cost are lowered to an acceptable and commercial level and lastly public awareness increase worldwide.

To find out more about CCS Policy and Regulations :

  • http://www.globalccsinstitute.com/publications/ccs-ready-policy-and-regulations-state-play
  • www.geos.ed.ac.uk/ccs/early-career/Camps.pdf

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