Current Project Development

According to the Global CCS Institute estimates, 238 projects involving CO2 capture, transport and/or storage are either active or planned within the world project portfolio. Among these, only 80 are large-scale*, integrated projects where the entire CO2 capture-transport-storage chain is demonstrated: 9 are already operational, two are under construction and 69 are at planning stages with the following repartition:

Out of these 80 projects, 44 are in the power sector and 25 in Europe. Over $26 billion in funding has been proposed by governments globally for large-scale projects.

* Large-scale projects means >1 million tonnes of CO2/year for coal and 500 thousand tonnes of CO2/year for gas.

European Demonstration Program

Project title Facility Project Overview
Porto Tolle Project Power generation portotolle.png
Demonstration Project Jänschwalde Power generation picture2-pngjanschwalde.png
Bełchatów CCS Project Power generation belchatow.png
Don Valley Power generation donvalley.png
ROAD-Project (Rotterdam) Other,Power generation roadproject.png
Compostilla Oxy CFB 300 Power generation compostilla.png

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